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Nearly every big company has some sort of a corporate social responsibility program. Motives can sometimes be questionable, as corporate and philanthropic motives are nearly always mixed.  Since its foundation, the company I work for has utilised plenty of opportunities to give something back to the local community. Today the local employee foundation was  relaunched as employees wanted to be more involved locally. A key staff member had heard Tony Heffernan talking about Liam’s Lodge on the radio. Tony registered first the Saoirse Foundation 3 years ago after losing his daughter after she got affected by the rare brain disease  Battens in 2009. Son Liam also battles with this fatal disease. Therefore Tony has a very personal association with rare medical diseases and has dedicated the last 4 years with nationally exposing rare diseases while also working fulltime.

Liam’s Lodge involves building 4 respite centres to support thousands of Irish families. Dublin already has Lynn’s House, with only 8 rooms. Liam’s Lodge has purchased 4 sites, one in Tralee, one in Donegal/Sligo and one in Wexford under the motto if you can’t have dreams, you can’t have goals.

The story we heard today was absolutely heart rendering and some of us were so touched that they couldn’t keep the tears away. I hope that we will raise a lot of money for this very worthy  cause.


http://www.beeforbattens.org Irish based online campaign for raising awareness and support for those affected by Battens Disease

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