Lazy or smart parent?

    DSC00711 DSC00729 DSC00733 DSC00755 DSC00756 DSC00761 DSC00776 DSC00789Lazy or smart parent?

I never mashed or pureed anything for my youngest child. Just did not have the time with an older one claiming attention and I had my pediatric first aid under my belt.

the benefits are enormous for the child: better eye-hand co-ordination, no fussy eater, ensures that baby is ready so lesser chance of allergies, pains, etc. Far less chance of obesity now and in later life as not forcefully spoon fed/encouraged.

Benefits for mum: far less time consuming/laziness. Although, at times an awful lot ended up everywhere except in the mouth. But there are trics: old shower curtain underneath the high chair.

Here some photos of this exciting journey. Did it work? Yes, far less fat on him than my eldest who had a mix of baby led weaning and spoon feeding. But oh my, he is the fussiest eater ever!


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